Shaken for open doors 2

Two days after the earthquake.  The town’s water system was down since the earthquake and no one knew when it was coming back. Camp Morigo is located within Rifu town, but it had access to groundwater. It’s filtering system for drinking water was not working but washing water was available.  Camp Morigo opened up the doors for the local community to take water as they wanted.  We also delivered water to the communities located in mountain areas, where especially the elderly were having difficult time since the earthquake.

Meanwhile, the damage to the campsite made it clear that business as a campsite was out of perspective for at least 2011.  And how would we fix it anyway? It seemed that continuing to run Camp Morigo was impossible and the church will have to let the camp staff go.  There were three full time staff and one family living on the premises as a caretaker.  It was an extremely tough and painful decision for Pastor Matsuda to make.

And then there was the vision we Oasis Chapel grasped as a church in 2002.  The church was to be a oasis in the community, being changed by the Word and in tern, change the people around them, spreading the oasis.  Camp Morigo was the land given to us to fulfil that mission, to become a land that people came together, learn the Word and grown in the Word; a place where all generations meet and continue to be changed in the likeness of Christ our Lord.  We had a dream to make Camp Morigo a multi-purpose church campus that contains facilities such as childcare, kindergarten, elderly’s home, sports ground, cafe, along with the existing camping facilities.

It was with much prayer and seeking that Paster Matsuda received the vision in 2002, and shared with the church.  Running as a campsite was coming along well, and it was seeking ways to enlarge the activities done at the campsite.

It was then that the disaster hit.  The beautiful main hall was damaged beyond repair and there seemed no way to continue as a campsite.

The land to fulfil the church mission was lost.

So it seemed.







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