Autumn activities and our next step

Merry Christmas!
Thank you for remembering Morigo in your prayers.(日本語は下に続きます)

We had a special autumn this year at Morigo, inviting the temporary housing residents for hiking and out-door lunch.  As part of the disaster relief ministry, the camp staff, together with the church members, had been regularly visiting the temporary housing in Yamato district (Higashi Matsushima city).  The relationship with the locals has been building up well for the past 4 years, and we were delighted to have them over at our campsite. They enjoyed the walk among the beautiful autumn leaves and the BBQ lunch. We also packed presented together for Samaritan’s Purse “Christmas Shoe Box” project in the renovated Morigo chapel.

DSC_5810 DSC_5796 DSC_5978 DSC_5971 DSC_5893 DSC_5841


Now that the demolition of the damaged buildings and Morigo Chapel renovation is completed, we are moving on to the next step – renovation of the accommodation building.

The demolished buildings included bath facilities and the kitchen, leaving Camp Morigo pretty inadequate for a campsite!   Camp Morigo has been operating under the “accommodation facility permit”,  and we want to maintain that permit to be able to build additional facilities related to the campsite. Therefore, before we build the Cafe Livingston,  we need to re-build the kitchen and bath facilities.  We are planning to do this by renovating the accommodation facilities.
We are short of 4 million yen (approximately 40 thousand US$), and we are hoping to start building by 2016 spring.
Please pray for us and support us as we continue with our project!

May you have a blessed Christmas, tasting our Father’s grace of giving His one and only Son to us.

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今年の秋は、Morigoにとって特別な秋になりました。震災以降関わりをもたせていただいていた、東松島市矢本地区の仮設住宅の方々を Morigoにお招きすることができたのです。森の中をハイキングした後、宮城名物の芋煮とBBQを行い、午後にはリフォームされた礼拝堂を使って、サマリタンズ・パースさんのプロジェクト、「クリスマス・シューボックス」の箱詰めを一緒に行うことができました。




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