Times in the forest 森の中での時間

English below.
8月9日眩しく光る夏の森の中、コンサート”The Book”が開かれました。ゲストは韓国随一のピアニスト(ゴン・ミン)とシンガー(シオン)、サクソフォニスト(パク・クァンシク)、そして劇団四季のテナー(ビョン・ホギル)。彼らの活動の源になっている”The Book”、聖書にある希望のお話とともに美しい音楽が、礼拝堂を満たし、会場いっぱいに集まってくださった地域の方々や教会に集っている方々とそのご家族の皆さんに笑顔をもたらす一時となりました。


また、10月2日から4日まで、Japan Bible Academyの組織神学セミナーが行われました。2年ほど前から地域の2教会で行ってきた学びの機会を、今回は初めて森郷礼拝堂で行うことができました。セミナーは3日間で15時間というハードスケジュール!にもかかわらず、目に優しい緑に囲まれた場所でのセミナーは疲れが少なかったとの声も上がりました。地域教会とそこから遣わされているクリスチャンが、より深く聖書を知り、建て上げられていくためのトレーニングの場所として森郷が用いられて、嬉しい限りです!


Morigo leaves are changing colours, it’s been a while since our last post!  Here’s our report on the first events held at author renovated Morigo Chapel!

Piano concert “TheBook” was held in the bright summer forest on 9th August. Music Guests were well-known Korean pianist Gong Min, singer Zion Lee, saxophonist Gwang Sig Park, tenor singer Hogil Byeon. Their beautiful music and the testimonies about the real hope in “the Book” filled Morigo chapel and brought peace and smiles to those who came from the community.
They have been coming regularly to North East Japan since after the 2011 disaster, showing their love  for the needy and sharing the unshakable hope in Christ. Their words and music clearly testified the message from the book, moving the hearts of those who heard.


For training opportunity, Systematic Theology course was held from October 2 to 4 by Japan Bible Academy. The course started about two years ago with two local churches involved. This was the first time to hold it at Morigo chapel. The course is pretty full on, packed with 15 hours of solid theology! However,  the students commented on how they felt less tired surrounded by the green.  We were very glad and thankful that Morigo is used as a training ground for the local churches and the Christians sent out from there, to know the Word deeply and to be built up in their faith.

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