Glory be to God! 主に栄光!


June 27 2015.  ついに森郷礼拝堂再建感謝礼拝です!

5 (!) musical guests, several camera men, PA crew, guest speakers, huge bunch of flowers and another bunch of us Oasis chapel folks running around to prepare for the upcoming service in the afternoon. It was pouring outside, which added a little more work on the muddy camp ground, but all was for the glory of God and all of us were full of joy that we could spend this day together.  Worship as a lifestyle had been lived out.

Guests from near and far started arriving.  Some from decades past, some since the 2011 disaster.  Together we gave thanks to His faithfulness from obtaining the land, through the disaster in 2011.  We laughed and cried as we listened to the stories of many that set foot on Camp Morigo at various times. We sang together and dedicated the building to our Creator.  It was a day full of thanks and smiles.


Our guests included the members of town council and prefectural assembly. They saw how muddy the roads leading to the campsite are, and said they will consider sealing of the road.  God made everything beautiful, even the weather!  They don’t know the Lord yet, but it’s our prayer that this Thanksgiving service was a witness to the oneness of the church in His name.

When our Pastor Makito was asked repeatedly what is needed in the disaster area, he finally came to a conclusion that what we need is people.  It is people that God uses for the progress of His plan.  As much as we are happy with the new building, may our God raise people from this ground to spread His oasis.

“The harvestis plentiful but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field. Matthew 9:37,38″












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