By His Hands 森郷創世記4

Now the building time…Rifu village chief himself was excited and came out for surveying in 1960 March.  A large portion of funds for the initial buildings came from Baptist Youth Fellowship (BYF) International Aid Committee and California Women’s Ministry.  News that youth church members in South East Asia, especially India, raising funds by car washing reached Rifu church.  This international relationship among world’s church families moved the hearts of non-christian youth in Rifu town. They committed to monthly offering for the campsite completely voluntarily!


Three missions for Camp Morigo was set; to serve the local needs, to raise future leaders and to provide a place for international relations.


Missionary Ted Livingston served tirelessly as a bridge between Morigo and overseas churches.   In 1961, the main hall was completed by volunteers and a special fireplace was built in it. Rev Saito had shared the missions for Camp Morigo and requested stones from all over the world to symbolise unity in Christ. The stones came from 52 countries with letters of encouragement, including countries  such as Jordan, then Soviet, Cuba.  They testified that it is only in Christ that people of different countries, races, cultures can unite in peace.  The stones were built in the fireplace with a stone from Israel in the center.



Ted also organised international volunteer teams to visit Morigo and build up the campsite.  Asian Christian Youth Camp was held for two weeks in 1961 July to build roads, bridges, camp cabins.  Caravan teams from US and other countries followed many times to build various buildings and to enlarge the use of Camp Morigo.



Camp Morigo was becoming famous among the locals…it was the only place around the  villages and the towns to see people from overseas and eat things like hamburgers!  Locals couldn’t understand why those hard working overseas folks came to the little poor village to build things…for free! Ted Livingston’s efforts to make Camp Morigo an international meeting ground was bearing witness among the locals and growing great relationships.


After 50 years since the initial establishment, the East Japan disaster in March 2011 hit Camp Morigo severely.  We thought our campsite was over.  However, God kept the three missions of Camp Morigo alive. They started to shine ever so brightly just when we had almost given up…








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