Sharing and raising! バレンタインユース企画

(日本語は下に続きます)It’s again, time of the year for baking and sharing! Continuing from last year’s tradition, the church youth baked cookies for 14 February.  The profit will be donated to the Yamato Temporary Housings, the temporary housing village that Oasis Chapel has been going to for the past 5 years, to remember the 5th 3/11. It will also go to Oasis Center Project, to the Cafe Livingston fund.

The Youth has been excited to see the campsite renewed, as most of them grew up spending much time there.  Now in their teens, to rebuild Camp Morigo into a place of encountering, learning and growing in Christ is their life project too, along with the whole church. Some of them even dream bringing their dates there 🙂

It is so encouraging and such a big blessing to see the next generation excited for God and His plan for us as a church.  We will update on the results of fundraising in the coming post!

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