Shalom House Finished!


As you may be aware, things have been changing around Camp Morigo. On of the projects was the remodeling of the Shalom House. The Shalom House is a place where people can stay when they come to Camp Morigo. With other projects that have been going on, there was a need to update the house to meet the standards needed to continue to host visitors. We are excited to announce that those updates have been completed! Please have a look at the pictures below and continue to pray that Morigo will be a place where people can come and experience the Shalom, the Peace of Yahweh.

One major change is that the Shalom House now has showers and baths! This was a must as the guests are now able to bathe onsite.

322_img_5839 318_img_5835

Another change is the addition of a kitchen space. Guests are now able to prepare and cook meals. In losing the previous kitchen space due to damage from the earthquake, this was a much needed space.


The rooms have now been upgraded with double-pane windows and new heating and air condition units.


And lastly, with the remodeling of the previous staff house into a cafe, the second floor of Shalom House has been transformed into a one-bedroom, kitchen, and dining, and will now host the onsite camp staff. There has also been a prayer/ministry room built-in on the second floor as well.

Thank you for your continued prayer and financial support as we turn disaster into beauty at Camp Morigo. May God build His Kingdom in and through Morigo!


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