Shaken for open doors 1


Still cold but spring was nearing. Morigo was preparing for campers in spring break with staff working in the main hall office. It was a building that was built by many campers’ hands from all over the world.  Next to the building was a huge bell, huge enough to ring out in every corner of the campground.


A small tremor quickly grew to a enormous quake, almost like the whole building was tossed on a swing.  It felt as if the walls were made of mere paper with pillars bending like clay.  The huge bell rang hysterically as if it was calling out for help.

When the shake had subsided, it was almost unbelievable that the building was still standing. However, it was clear that the pillars were knocked out and the cemented base had severe cracks running thought.  The bell had come off from its column dropped to it’s base.

The staff escaped the office after the shake and no one was hurt.  But all daily activities came to a halt.  Without even knowing the extent of its own damage, Camp Morigo quickly decided to provide blankets, food and daily necessities (like toilet papers) to the town hall for people that evacuated from their houses.  From this day onwards, Camp Morigo started to be used by God in a way we never ever imagined.



Making of the Camp Chapel. Building in the back is the Main Hall. キャンプ場のチャペルを作っている様子。後ろに写っているのが本館。


The bell before the earthquake. 地震前の鐘。



Cracked base at Main Hall office. 本館オフィスの土台のヒビ。












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