Our Project

“from Camp Morigo to Oasis Center”

Oasis Chapel Rifu has worked for five years (and continues to do so) in the tsunami affected areas.  Now into the sixth year since the tsunami, the immediate needs are met, but emotional needs and hopelessness are emerging ever more.  To fulfill our mission and become an Oasis for the lost, Oasis Chapel is turning to revive its damaged “Camp Morigo” and renew it into a multiple facility church campus known as “Oasis Center”.

We see three purposes for future Oasis Center :

1. Reach out to the physical and spiritual needs in the community

2. Raise and train up leaders

3. Connect locals with the international church body

Oasis Center will be a place to change people’s lives so that the life of Christ will flow from them.  We see a worship hall, community cafe, child care center, elderlies’ home etc… built within the Oasis Center premises, together with our existing camping facilities.


Steps towards Oasis Center

To work towards reaching this objective, we have planned several steps;

Step 1 – Renovation of Morigo Worship Hall & Demolition of damaged facilities (completed May 2015)

Step 2 – Renovation of SHALOM House (in progress)

Step 3 – Building a community cafe, Cafe Livingston 


Further details on each step above is explained here. As of 2016 January, we are considering building a community cafe as a milestone to our project.

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