By His Hands 森郷キャンプ場創世記

Demolishing over, renovations starting…as we are moving forward with the plans, it’s a good time to reflect how God provided this site for us and how it was built and used for the past 50 years!


It started with God planting a vision into the founding paster of Rifu Oasis Chapel, Rev. Saito in 1954.  Rev. Saito had been the pastor of Rifu Oasis Church since 1931.  He saw how a Christian campsite could serve the churches in the North East by providing a place that pastors could rest and young leaders could be trained.  It had three criteria to meet.  Rich in nature, close to a train station for easy access, and a good spacious area.  Convenience and nature together? It’s seeming impossible already!


In 1959, Missionary Ted Livingston came to Rifu Oasis Chapel.  After looking around everywhere in North-East Japan(300 km radius!), Rev. Saito had thought Morigo, a mere 7 minute drive from the Rifu Oasis Chapel was the suitable location to build a campsite.  Which meant, the same distance from the Rifu train station too!


There was just one little obstacle, which made the dream seem impossible to come true…the land was prefecture-government owned. Not for sale.


However, that didn’t stop the two leaders, Rev. Saito and Missionary Livingston for praying for the land.  They simply believed that if it’s God’s plan to build a campsite on this land, He will get it for His glory.  The fact that the land was not for sale actually made it even clearer that it was only by God and not by men that this campsite was going to be built.



The first prayer on the not-yet-campsite-ground.  購入前のキャンプ場での最初の祈り



To be continued…


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