Chapel Renovation is done!  森郷礼拝堂のリフォームが完了しました!

Praise be to our God, first step for Oasis Center Project was completed on 15 April 2015!  Our chapel looks amazing! 

We truly love our chapel.  We used it for kids camps and special services, it served as a warehouse after the earthquake and tsunami in 2011.  However, it was getting worn-out, windows not closing properly, hence bugs everywhere, ancient toilets, no heating system (nor cooling system of course!)… Because we believe worship should be in the center of Oasis Center, the chapel’s renovation was the first up in the Oasis Center Project.

To remember the grace in the past and to look forward to the future, we are having a “Morigo Chapel Renovation Thanksgiving Service”. We would love to invite anyone who support Oasis Center to the service.
Please let us know by 31st May if you would like to join us.
Thank you once again for remembering and supporting Oasis Center Project!
(There’s a event created in Oasis Center Facebook page as well.)

We will be moving on to the next step of Oasis Center Project, building of Cafe Livingston. The cafe and chapel together, we believe we will be able to serve the local community and spread God’s word like a living oasis.  However, we do know there are challenges ahead. Since Camp Morigo was purchased long time ago, the permit systems and environmental laws have changed.  It is likely that we need to adjust our plans to meet the requirements by the local government.  We will keep you updated! Please pray that God will give us wisdom in choosing and planning the right way forward.


主の御名をほめたたえます!  森郷キャンプ場の礼拝堂再建が4月15日に完了しました!


それが無事に完了。再建された施設を用いた「Morigo 礼拝堂再建・感謝礼拝」を開催することにしました!これまでの歴史・恵みを振り返って感謝しつつ、将来に期待し、次のステップに向けた再スタートを記念する節目のセレモニーにしたいと考えています。Morigoを覚え、お支えくださる多くの皆様に、ご出席いただけましたら幸いです。参加ご希望の場合、5月末日までお知らせ下さい♪ご欠席の皆様からも励ましのメッセージ等をいただけましたら光栄です。(オアシスセンターのフェイスブックページにイベントとして掲載しています。)


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