By His Hands 森郷キャンプ場創世記2



So…where did we leave last time?
At the very first prayer that was given at the campsite. It was before the land was purchased, or even available to the founding pastor of Rifu church Rev Saito and missionary Ted Livingston.
Before we continue the story, we need to go back another thirty years to see the seeds planted in the tiny farming village of Rifu.
1932 was the year Pastor Saito started the Rifu church.  They started off with a land of mere 10 Tsubo (33 square meters, or 355.2 square feet).
From the beginning, it was the church’s mission to look out for the fellow village members and meet their needs wherever possible. Among the many and great needs in poor farming village of Rifu,  the church started a child care service and leadership training school.  Back in the 30s where the farmers had to leave the children at home, many tragic accidents happened each year, such as children falling into water canals.
After about 30 years later when it turned out that the prospect land for Camp Morigo was government owned, it became obvious how Pastor Saito had tirelessly served in the village of Rifu. One of the prefecture congressmen, Mr. Tanno was a graduate from the leadership school run by Pastor Saito.  When Pastor Saito shared with Mr. Tanno the purpose of a campground in Rifu, he went straight to the prefecture governor and pursuaded him.  The prefecture government couldn’t sell the land to a single religious organization, so it sold it to Rifu village first. Decades of dedication and seeing him working among the villagers, Rifu village leaders were more than happy to arrange the purchase for Pastor Saito.  The village chief himself came out working at the campground for surveying.  The whole village trusted what Pastor Saito was planning and doing.
So, the land is now available!  Where are the funds to get the 17acre land?

Surveying of Camp Morigo  森郷キャンプ場の測量にて

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