About Oasis Chapel Rifu

 Oasis Chapel Rifu

Oasis Chapel Rifu, established in 1932, is located in Rifu Town, Miyagi Prefecture, North-East Japan.   In addition to our church building located in the centre of Rifu town, we own a 14 acre campsite.  Our church service currently has about 100 attendees every week. We are the only church located in Rifu town with the population of approximately 35,000.

FNO-105        Chapel inside

Our campsite, Camp Morigo, is located in a pine forest within Rifu town, about 7 minutes drive from the Rifu Oasis Chapel.  It was built in 1961 by the hands of overseas and Japanese Christian volunteers.  It came under the ownership of Oasis Chapel in 1999 and had been serving the community as a camp site until 2011, when The East Japan Disaster (March 11, 2011) damaged the campsite severely. Further information on East Japan Disaster and how we responded to it can be found in “About 2011 East Japan Disaster”.
Further information on how we have been working towards recovery and development of Morigo Camp can be found in “Our Project”.

FHH-1052        Sounoseki

 About our community: Rifu Town

Rifu, with a population of 36,000, is located on the north side of Sendai City (population approximately 1 million), capital of Miyagi prefecture and the central city for North-East Japan.  It is a growing town with many young families that commute to Sendai for work and education.  Since the Great Japan Earthquake and Tsunami in 2011, people that used to live along the coastal areas have been moving into Rifu, where it is not too far from where they used to live, but a safer and reasonable option.

DSC_4520       Sendai_City_Panorama_from_Atago_Shrine_2010-06-06

Left: Rifu Town     Right: City of Sendai

 About Our Mission

We received our Oasis Mission in 2002; “change people’s lives so that the life of Christ will flow from them, spreading a spiritual oasis from individuals to families, from families to Rifu Town, from Rifu Town to the whole of Miyagi Prefecture”.  Within the unreached country of Japan, North-East Japan has the least number of churches.  It is our mission to be an spreading oasis within this region, changing one life at a time.

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Since receiving the church mission in 2002, Camp Morigo has been seen as the site to carry out our mission. Oasis Chapel Rifu was working towards fulfilling our mission. However,  wen the earthquake in 2011 damaged the main campsite building beyond recovery, we thought we had no choice but to close down the campsite for business. But God had a different plan. Just  when we thought our mission site was lost, it became evident that God was moving forward.  We were starting to witness His plan to use Camp Morigo in a greater way none of us even dreamed.